The Holden Enterprise – The Homemakers Corner

Beulah wrote The Homemakers Corner for The Holden Enterprise in the late 1920’s to the mid 1930’s. These columns consisted of recipes and household tips sent in by readers as well as reports from early cooking schools and even her travels to California to visit her mother. These columns along with Beulah’s uncanny sense of how to sell (advertising, products, and herself) eventually led her to Kansas City, MO and a successful radio career. From Kansas City she went on to Chicago and eventually into television.

Many of the columns from the Holden Enterprise have been preserved and passed down from mother to daughter and eventually to granddaughter. To further preserve them they have been trimmed and scanned so that they may be shared through this site. Beulah used some of these recipes throughout her career, modifying them to meet the needs of sponsors and updating for the times. These classic Depression Era recipes are the foundation for many of our favorites today. I hope to share many of these columns with readers with time.

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