The Most Exclusive Recipe in the World

Beulah Karney Fact Sheet: (a resume in recipe format compiled in or around 1950…perhaps as a part of a going away book)

Frankly, Beulah Karney’s background in both homemaking and in selling to the homemaker is so extensive and intensive, we feel you haven’t time to read about it. So, here are the capsule facts in The Most Exclusive Recipe in the World:

Product: Beulah Karney
Preparation Time: Over 25 professional years

4 years Occidental College and 1 year graduate work with feature writing for Los Angeles Times and Bakersfield Californian

A stint at school teaching and Post Graduate work in Mexico.
Let all blend during period of homemaking and child-caring.

1 country newspaper (Holden Enterprise) and add feature writing for Kansas City Journal Post

Set aside above writing experience.

In new “container,” add
Appointment as Food Conservation Supervisor for State of Missouri, including supervision of 9,000 employees, and full responsibility for 110 canneries.

In third “container,” pour
200 cooking schools, gathered from all over Midwest.

Combine all three sets of experiences
and you will achieve 1 extraordinary radio program at KMBC, Kansas City.

Let rise until size of three radio programs:
Happy Kitchen
, Woman in the Store, and Market Basket.

Transfer all to Chicago, add
Agency Experience (Research director for U.S. Advertising Co.)
Heading Research Kitchen for Wilson and Company
Authoring Geroge Rector Column

Re-form into:
1 daily radio program Woman Today, aired over WENR. Add food editor for Liberty Magazine
Network What’s Cooking show, sponsored by Chef Boy-Ar-Dee
Network Shopper’s Special show
Transcribed Meal of the Day program, aired in U.S., Hawaii and Canada

Shape into finished product:
Daily half-hour radio program
Daily half-hour television program

Tested for Quality: EXCELLENT

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3 Responses to The Most Exclusive Recipe in the World

  1. Bill Powers jr. says:

    Beulah was the smartest, kindest woman I ever knew. She was my stepmother. When we lived in Glen Ellyn Il. We always knew what we were having for dinner…We watched her on TV and dinner came home on the train. I miss her. Her daughter Annie lives in Northern ca. And has her moms smarts.

  2. admin says:

    hey Bill…anna here, Annie’s daughter…how did you find find this so quickly…i just started this?? i have been in contact w/ Helen O’Donnell’s daughter & son in law…who live in Helen’s house in Glen Ellyn…they are sending me a bunch of stuff related to Grandma & Helen’s work w/ her. where are you and what are you up to??

    thanks for the nice comment…and for finding the blog…i am just getting started…there are a bunch of the publicity shots on my flickr site, if you want to check them out…i will get them to the blog eventually.

    did you ever do anything w/ the 16mm films?? we were just talking about those and wondering what happened to them i found the chicago broadcasting website…but haven’t found if they have anything on Beulah. i have a couple of the films…but haven’t done anything w/ them…might look into getting transferred to dvd is not too many $$.

    keep in touch…anna

  3. rick schultz says:

    Bill and Anna, I think my mom was on the show with your mom. Here name is Agnes Schultz her 90th birthday is in July and i was I am looking for info. does any of this ring a bell. Rick

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