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Beulah was a very practical woman. Here in 1930 she touts the advantages of cooking with gas (evidently an advertiser with the Holden Enterprise) and by 1936 she was in Kansas City and being sponsored by the Kansas City Power and Light Company promoting the latest and greatest in cooking with electricity.

from the Homemakers Corner, September 18, 1930

This week our attention turns to the cooking school, announcement of which you will find elsewhere in the paper. I know that you remember the Enterprise Cooking School of last spring and will want to again go to “housekeeping institute.” Whether or not your are going to cook with gas or not I would strongly advise you to attend, for while Miss Moe will demonstrate how gas simplifies cooking, she will also bring to us modern methods of cookery that we appreciate knowing and profit so greatly by. I urge you to go in the interest of making your work lighter. The Corner has always stood for progressiveness in modern housekeeping. Our interest has always been in injecting more joy into our workadays. Just as The Corner has boosted every means of modernizing the kitchen so it now has a word to say for gas.

The cooking will be thoroughly covered in the corner next week, including printing the recipes as given by Miss Moe I am really looking forward to it with the kneest [sic] anticipation.
These next few recipes were gleamed at a famous Italian restaurant, for the Europeans, you know, can do more with vegetables than we Americans. Their food budgets are slimmer and vegetables cooked properly make them forget the more expensive meats.

French Fried Vegetables
You will be surprised to find how good vegetables can be until you cook them this way. What will you have, onions, cauliflower, egg plan, summer squash or cucumbers? All are good. For onion choose good size ones. Peel and cut cross wise slices 3/4 inch thick. Dust with salt, dip in slightly beaten egg mixed with 1/2 cup of cold water, then in fine dry crumbs and fry vegetable oil hot enough to brown a cube of bread in a minute and a half. Drain and serve. Prepare cauliflower the same way separating the head into good sized flowerettes. For egg plant wash but do not peel. Cut in crosswise slices, roll in flour, egg and crumbs and fry as for onions. squash and cucumbers are treated the same way.
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